Prominent teams such as Virtus.Pro, North, Astralis and Gambit fail to make it out of The New Legends Stage.

The CS:GO ELEAGUE Major is setting up for the playoffs this weekend, where its eight new Legends will be duking it out for the game’s most prestigious title – after going through five rounds of 16-team Swiss and taking down prominent teams, FaZe Clan will face off with mousesports, Natus Vincere will test Quantum Bellator Fire, G2 Esports will duke it out with Cloud9, and SK Gaming will try to pry Fnatic’s chances out of the Major.

Coming out unscathed from the New Legends Stage with a 3:0 record is the French super team of G2 Esports, thanks to their victories over Cloud9 (16:9 on Cache), Team Liquid (16:8 on Inferno) and Quantum Bellator Fire (16:4 on Cache). Another favorite to take the tournament is FaZe Clan, who will also be coming into the next round with a 3:0 score due to their wins over Fnatic (16:8 on Cache), Vega Squadron (16:3 on Train) and SK Gaming (16:12 on Cache).

They are followed closely by the teams sporting a 3:1 record. Natus Vincere is making their comeback as Legends, despite their first round loss against Gambit Esports (5:16 on Nuke), recovering to score three consecutive wins versus BIG (16:1 on Inferno), Team Liquid (16:9 on Overpass) and Fnatic (16:7 on Inferno). SK Gaming, returning as Legends as expected of their dominant showings on the lead-up to the Major are also coming into the next round with a 3:1 record, winning over Space Soldiers (16:13 on Mirage), mousesports (16:12 on Mirage) and Gambit (16:10 on Overpass) – their only loss was versus their current biggest rival, FaZe Clan (12:16 on Cache). The third team coming in with a 3:1 record are the surprise underdogs of the tournament, CIS team Quantum Bellator Fire, who scored victories over more well-known teams such as Virtus.Pro (16:3 on Cache), Gambit (19:16 on Inferno) and mousesports (16:14 on Train) they did drop a map to G2 Esports (4:16 on Cache) however.

The final two teams to round out the next stage are Cloud9 and Fnatic. Cloud9 got their wins versus Virtus.Pro (16:7 on Mirage), Astralis (16:6 on Train), and Vega Squadron (16:4 on Mirage) despite losing to G2 (8:16 on Cache) and Space Soldiers (13:16 on Cobblestone). Meanwhile Fnatic scored wins over Virtus.Pro (16:6 on Inferno), Astralis (16:8 on Mirage) and Gambit (16:2 on Mirage), dropping a game to FaZe Clan (8:16 on Cache) and Natus Vincere (7:16 on Inferno).

Prominent teams and Legends from the previous Major at Krakow, such as BIG, who made an impressive underdog run there, and previous Major winner Gambit have both been eliminated. Troubled lineups such as Virtus.Pro, and North failed to score a win and were eliminated with a 0:3 score, and Astralis as well lost their Legends status with a 1:3 score. With new teams stepping up to the plate, it’s sure to be an interesting playoffs bracket.

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