Is RodjER’s arrival what needed all along?

Their win this weekend boosted to the top of the leaderboards, surpassing Team Secret, a position that Puppey and his crew have held since the early days of this season. What may have helped VP in securing the win might be their acquisition of RodjER, who performed excellently despite only playing with the team for a short while.

It would seem that the deal VP had with Natus Vincere was beneficial only for VP, as Na `Vi fell to the bottom place of the tournament. Aside from RodjER, Na `Vi also parted ways with SoNNeiKO, prompting the CIS veterans to replace him with Lebron-Dota. Lebron-Dota, along with the traded Lil, didn’t bring to Na `Vi what the organization would have hoped for. At least not yet.

Meanwhile, VP’s win is only exemplified by the journey they had on their way to the top. During the group stage, they were responsible for defeating OpTic Gaming and Mineski, before they were swept 2-0 by Vici Gaming. However, VP would have their revenge upon the playoffs, as they would beat Vici Gaming in the Finals 3-1, just right after defeating both Evil Geniuses and Fnatic.

Fnatic would later on finish fourth, after losing out to Team Liquid 2-1 in the battle for the third place. Team Secret, the former first placers and winners of the Major before this one, ROG DreamLeague Season 8.

Their victory at Katowice marks another first place finish in a Major for VP, the other one being ESL ONE Hamburg, late last year. During that tournament, the recipient of the tournament’s MVP award was none other than Solo. Mercedez-Benz bestowed another brand new car to VP, this time to RodjER, for becoming Katowice’s MVP.


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