TNC Pro Team has a great chance of advancing to the playoffs with this early lead they made for themselves.

The Phoenix Army is currently in a celebratory mood as TNC Pro Team finishes 2-0 in the first two days of competition, placing them on a high ranking in the tournament’s Swiss Round Robin group stage.

TNC was on an unfavorable situation going into the tournament, having to face SEA rivals and considered by some to be currently the strongest team in the region, Mineski. The underdogs were able to show that their new lineup can keep up with the favorites. In fact, the whole match was a showcase of Raven’s talent as a hard carry, bringing his team over Mineski with a 15/0/12 record, an impressive feat of skill. The team was also able to completely shut down iceiceice, which is pointed as the usual suspect for Mineski’s dominance.

Surprisingly, Mineski faced another defeat when going up against compLexity Gaming, another underdog in the tournament. They will be fighting Vega Squadron next, for what may be a series of do-or-die matches for the SEA gatekeepers.

Meanwhile, TNC was on a mean streak, also defeating OpTic Gaming. This match was then again a showcase of talent of one of TNC’s cores. This time the star was Armel’s signature Shadow Fiend. Although Armel’s performance in the first game using the same hero wasn’t at all that bad either, it still pales in comparison to his 22/2/13 record on the second game, demolishing the OpTic team with his physical build SF.

Scoring two wins in a row puts TNC amongst the top 4 of the Swiss ladder, along with Newbee, Evil Geniuses and their opponents for the next round, VGJ.Thunder. Their match tonight will be at 11:30PM. The winner will be going straight to the playoffs and have the time off until the rest of the matches of the group stages are done.

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