1437, Arteezy, Aui_2000 and EternalEnvy get home court advantage for the first time in TI history.

The wait is over. Valve has finally revealed where The International will be held for this year now that the Key Arena in Seattle is under construction. The chosen battlefield for TI8 is the Rogers Arena in downtown Vancouver, Canada. This will be the first time since TI1 that the tournament will be held outside of Key Arena, and consequently, outside US territory.

Valve also announced the dates of the tournament. TI8 will start on August 20, and will go on until the Finals on August 25.

Tickets will be available via Ticketmaster.ca starting March 24. There will be two types of tickets: A Midweek ticket, that grants access for the first four days of the tournament, is priced at $125 CAD (~Php5,000). There will also be a Finals Ticket available for $250 CAD (~Php10,000) for the last two days of the tournament.

There shouldn’t be much difference in the tournament despite the move to a new location. Vancouver is just a drive away from Seattle, anyway. However, now that the tournament will be held in Canada, will Arteezy’s TI curse finally be lifted?

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