Great games have so far made DAC 2018 an instant classic, but TNC will now be facing one of the last two surviving Chinese team in the tournament.

Preceding TNC and Vici Gaming’s upcoming match are seven sweeps in the playoffs. Seven sweeps from four of the breakout matches and three more sweeps on the three upper bracket round 1 matches so far. The pressure would be high in winning the first match of this matchup, specially since losing this series will be sent to the lower bracket, where teams will have to survive two rounds of Bo1 series.

TNC so far has been a strong presence in the tournament. Their 4-0 run during the tiebreakers has been the talk of the town, coming off Raven’s fantastic farming skills that enabled TNC to snowball in early game and eliminate the opponents’ threats early on. Their hyperaggressive play has allowed them to put the pressure on their opponents and allowed Kuku’s chaotic style of strategy to pay off in huge dividends. The matches have also shown how well Armel has fit in with TNC. Kuku’s new role in the support position proves to be beneficial for TNC, allowing them to beat Newbee, Liquid, LGD and OpTic in the tiebreakers.

Meanwhile, LGD, Team Liquid and Mineski have moved on from the first round of the upper bracket. If TNC manages to beat VG later, TNC will be facing Mineski next. Otherwise, they will be facing OpTic in the lower bracket. During the group stage, TNC beat VG in their Bo1 round, and lost against OpTic.

Mineski themselves played really well so far in the tournament, ending with a 6-1 score, losing only to, who won all of their matches.

TNC versus Vici Gaming will start at 630pm. Don’t forget to watch to support your favorite team.

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