They become the first ever South East Asian region team to win a Major.

The Dota 2 Asia Championships that happened over the past two weeks wasn’t short of exciting matches. Mineski headlined the tournament’s Grand Finals by beating LGD Gaming 3:2 in a nail-biting series. Winning 750 Qualifying Points and $370,000 (~Php19,240,000), Mineski becomes the first ever team from the South East Asia to win a Valve Major, not only this season, but ever since the Majors system was first implemented.

Mineski has been consistently strong in the whole tournament, coming out with just one loss in the group stage, and sweeping both OpTic Gaming in the first round of the playoffs and as well as LGD in the upper bracket finals.

Their win in DAC puts Mineski to the upper half of the leaderboards, placing fourth in the top teams as per qualifying points., who placed third in the tournament after losing to LGD in the lower bracket finals, retain their position on top of the leaderboards. VP has already clinched a spot in The International 8 as early as Bucharest Major, where they won first place.

Following VP in the rankings are Team Liquid, who were eliminated by TNC Pro Team, and Team Secret, who were eliminated by Vici Gaming. TNC finished fourth in the tournament, taking home $85,000 (~Php4,420,000) and 75 Qualifying Points. TNC currently rests at the 13th place, roughly 400 points behind Fnatic at the 11th place. TNC and Fnatic are still on the run to join Mineski in the top eight, while Mineski currently enjoys the distinction of being the only SEA team in the high end of the leaderboards.


Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018 Rankings

1st: $370,000 (~Php19,240,000), 750 DPC Mineski

2nd: $135,000 (~Php7,020,000), 450 DPC LGD Gaming

3rd: $105,000 (~Php5,460,000), 225 DPC

4th: $85,000 (~Php4,420,000), 75 DPC TNC Pro Team

5th-6th: $67,500 (~Php3,510,000) Vici Gaming, Team Liquid

7th-8th: $35,000 (~Php1,820,000) Evil Geniuses, OpTic Gaming

9th-12th: $15,000 (~Php780,000) Newbee, VGJ.Thunder, Invictus Gaming, Team Secret

13th-16th: $10,000 (~Php520,000) OG, Effect, Keen Gaming, paiN Gaming

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