The group stage of the Supermajor showed how fiercely the teams want to be invited to the International, leading to some great to watch matches in the tournament.

The first two days of the China Supermajor was a showcase of skill for a lot of the teams in the tournament. With the sixteen teams grouped into four, with the top 4 teams in the pro circuit placed in separate groups, the matchups were pretty much balanced enough to give chances to underdogs.

Groupings and results of the Supermajor – screengrabbed from

We see that all four teams that have already secured their place in The International have also secured their place in the upper bracket of the tournament by placing first in their respective groups. They are joined there by OpTic Gaming, Mineski, TNC Pro Team and Newbee. The rest were sent to the lower bracket.

Since all of the matchups are Bo3, except for the Bo5 finals, even the lower bracket matches will have leeways. There will be no single-match eliminations, and as a result, the whole playoffs of the tournament will take up the whole week, with the finals starting next week Monday, 1PM.

As it currently stands, every team could still sneak into The International, as the first place will get a total of 5625 DPC points, which is enough to land the team on the fourth place of the rankings. Depending on the performance of the other teams, though, Mineski, Newbee, VGJ.Thunder, Vici Gaming and OpTic Gaming could possibly scrape by with just a fourth place finish. TNC would have to secure at least a second place finish to ensure their spot in the grandest stage of them all.

As usual, showed their prowess. VP would defeat TNC 2-1 and VG 2-0 to secure their spot in the upper bracket. No[o]one was on fire in all of their games, but his individual skill was only accentuated by VP’s solid teamplay and by their great understanding of the metagame that allowed them to secure strong drafts in all of their matches. TNC was able to steal one win from VP, an impressive feat by itself, but VP was quick to turn all hopes to dust in their third game in their matchup. TNC scored 2-0 against VG and Evil Geniuses to secure their spot in the upper bracket. EG’s new star-studded lineup, although full of talent, is yet to glue together, losing all of their matches of the day.

Other great series were the two series between Mineski and VGJ.Storm, Newbee-Team Liquid and Newbee-Team Spirit. Matches continue tomorrow at 9:00AM, kicking off with the upper bracket match between TNC Pro Team and Team Liquid.

The tournament’s playoffs as of tomorrow will be as follows:

Initial playoffs seedings – screengrabbed from

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