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The second day of the playoffs was full of cautious playstyles, as teams try to survive the last stage of the DPC season. This even led to very intense moments in the games, interspersed with quiet, careful moments. The suspense was apparent in every moment, and all teams were playing in their best elements.

Two teams fight for their quest for a direct invite

Four matchups with four victors, sending home four opponents. First up was OpTic Gaming, who are closely following VGJ.Thunder in the leaderboards, going up against Evil Geniuses. EG, who had narrowly survived the event thus far with their hot pot of a team, finally got eliminated by OpTic. In today’s matchups, OpTic and EG showed the largest discrepancy in terms of performance. However, that’s not a slight on the side of EG, but rather a testament to how hotly contested today’s matches have been. OpTic and EG did fight toe-to-toe on their first game, with EG biting back at OpTic’s advances. However, OpTic gave EG the coup-de-grace in their second game. ppd and zai scores one against their former team.

The second matchup in today’s program involved another team still on the run for the TI8 direct invites. Our very own TNC Pro Team held their own against the star power of Resolution and the rest of the VGJ.Storm lineup. The two teams gave each other a quick beating in the first two games, leading up to an intense and nail-biting Game 3.

Armel played a record-setting Mirana that ended with a 28/1/14 statistic, scoring a Beyond Godlike in mere 13 minutes. However, TNC failed to finish off VGJ.Storm quickly as planned, allowing Resolution to farm up his Phantom Lancer and become a big monster in the battlefield. All seemed lost when VGJ.Storm repeatedly killed off TNC’s supports, with Resolution leading a siege with his unstoppable illusions. However, one pick off in the Rosh Pit and a lucky Double Damage Run pick up by Armel spelled the end of VGJ.Storm’s Supermajor run.

Chinese teams win over their opponents

The next two matchups were won by the Chinese teams Vici Gaming and Newbee, respectively. However, Mineski didn’t fall without a fight, and gave VG a very hard time in their series. Their first game was a stalemate, which stretched long beyond the 80 minute mark. However, a misstep by Moon led to him getting caught away from his teammates. Desperate to help their comrade, Mineski came in one by one, and were slaughtered one by one by VG in response. Mineski would exact vengeance on Game 2. However, fatigue would settle in and VG would prove to be the more enduring team, winning the third game in a decisive way.

Now their fate becomes uncertain

Finally, Newbee eliminated VGJ.Thunder, putting VGJ.Thunder’s chances for a direct invite in peril. Just like the series before them, Newbee and VGJ.Thunder prepared for a long, enduring game. Both teams played cautiously throughout their series, with their first game reaching just a little past an hour, while their second game just a few minutes shy of an hour. Moogy dominated both games, with a little help from Sccc.

VGJ.Thunder hopes that OpTic never reaches the semi finals, and that TNC doesn’t reach the finals. Therefore, VGJ.Thunder would be keen to see the results of tomorrow’s first matchup between TNC and OpTic, and see just how much luck they have on their side. Their fate is now in the hands of these two other teams, and VGJ.Thunder will have nothing to do but to watch.

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