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Last April, the Hearthstone Championship Tour began its second season of Challenger Cup. Each season holds around a numerous amount of Challenger Cups during its duration. The tournaments are done online with a format of a 1v1 Open Decklist wherein competitors played a best of 3 Standard Conquest. In June 15, Challenger Cup was able to gather 108 participants from different countries all over the world such as Singapore, Ukraine and USA. According to statistics gathered from the event, the most picked classes were warlock, rogue and druid ranked respectively. The highest win rate during last Friday’s event was the priest class with a 66% win rate taken from the 35 games it was played.

The one who topped the leaderboard that day is TNC’s very own CaraCute. In an interview, she mentioned that she was very happy and relieved that the experience was over and that she managed to top it too. It was her third time participating in a Challenger Cup but was never lucky with the first two as she always fell short in the finals. She explained that she almost gave up on securing a slot because the time assigned for the Challenger Cup was unfavorable to her and the past two cups were discouraging. The games happen at the earliest four in the morning and has a minimum duration of 8 hours.

Her prize for winning the Challenger Cup is an invite to Blizzard’s Challenger Finals and a two-month subscription to HSReplay.net, a website that allows a person to watch previous games played in a 3rd person perspective. The Challenger Finals will consist of winners from their own perspective cups and invited pro players. The top 8 players from the Challenger Finals will then be granted permission to proceed to the Hearthstone Championship Tour Playoffs.

The journey of CaraCute to reign supreme had a bumpy start. She had warlock, priest and hunter as her three classes and her warlock was banned most of the time. When asked why she used a hunter instead of another class with higher tier decks, she says, “it’s good against control and aggressive decks, it’s also versatile too.” In addition, she also said that she was confident with all the classes she played with even before the tournament as she practiced with them in a lot of ranked games.

During the semi-finals, she fought with Snail, a professional player from Argentina, whom she was able to dominate with a 2-0 run using her hunter and warlock respectively. She then again fought Snail at the grand finals using the same classes but losing her game two against Snail’s paladin. She won the third game with her trusty warlock and her statistics show that she only lost 3 games out of the total 19 games.

See how TNC.CaraCute did during her challenger cup in the links below:
Semi-finals, finals and stats

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