[click_to_tweet tweet=”Hearthstone Global Games begins on July” quote=”Hearthstone Global Games begins on July”]The reveal of the Hearthstone Global Games this year was a sneaky one as Hearthstone’s SEA official Facebook page posted nothing more than a small announcement regarding the Global Games and a link to their website that details it further. Although the post was plain looking, the link directs the visitor to the Hearthstone’s website that is upfront greeted by a huge timer that is actively counting down to the start of the Global Games.


Everyone, get in here!

Below the timer lies the names of players who have succeeded in their Challenger Cups in the Asia Pacific, Europe and Americas region and players that are hand-picked by Blizzard to participate in the Global Games Qualifiers. This July 21, 2018, A group composed of four players from the same country are to be allied with each other as they go against the remaining 47 other national teams online.

Each team will have its own captain designated by Blizzard and will serve as the main contact person for the team. The captain of the team will play a crucial role as they are the ones who determine the order of players piloting their team’s respective decklists that were submitted prior the matches. They will also be the one to ban four classes from the opposing team.

The qualifiers will consist of two stages where the first will have all of the participating teams randomly seeded through a standard Swiss-pairing style tournament. There will be six rounds that is designed to cut off the top 16 teams that performed better in terms of match scores and tiebreakers.

The second phase of the tournament is called The Round of Sixteen and will only involve the top 16 teams after the initial stage. Here, teams will be matched randomly to other proceeding teams. There will be 4 groups each containing four teams that are also placed randomly. Teams that are able to secure a rank of top 8 or better will be invited to the Hearthstone Global Games Finals Tournament. The place where the finals, or the Round of Eight as Blizzard calls it, is still concealed.

Quest Accepted 

The players who are to represent the Philippines are already known for their feats and achievements in the local and international Hearthstone community. Blizzard has designated Euneil “Staz” Javiñas, a veteran player of Hearthstone from Bren Esports, as captain of the national team for this year’s Hearthstone Global Games. Staz has been playing for Hearthstone since 2014 and has been engaging himself in the game ever since. He has also participated in and won at premier and major tier events such as the World Electronic Sports Games 2016.

Followed by Staz, another member of the team is Chalk Zaldivar. Chalk is one of Philippine’s Hearthstone fan favorite as he actively participates in discussions and local tournaments alike. Although he has never placed or was able to top in an international tournament, he has never hit a low placement in any of the events he has participated in.

The third player to be introduced is Dustin “WaningMoon” Mangulabnan who is also a teammate of Staz in Bren Esports. WaningMoon was a competitive Starcraft player before he transitioned to Hearthstone. He has achieved multiple Top 100 Finishes in the NA server and won numerous local tournaments in the country.

The last and only female in the team is Cara Vergel “CaraCute” De Dios, a recent winner in a Challenger Cup and a professional player from TNC Pro Team. Unlike the rest of the team, CaraCute has only started playing competitively in 2016 and is more active in weekly tier tournaments. Despite her being relatively new to the pro scene, she has already topped small-scale international events.

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