Team Philippines Debut in the Hearthstone Global Games

The Philippine team consisting of TNC.CaraCute, Chalk, WanningMoon and their captain, Staz, debuts their Hearthstone Global Games competition by going head to head with France. The series is a race to three wins with only a player to play once unless tied at 2-2. [click_to_tweet tweet=”Team Philippines makes their debut at the Hearthstone Global Games!” quote=”Team Philippines makes their debut at the Hearthstone Global Games!”]

Badly favored

The series started off with Chalk for the first game against Team France’s Windello, a professional hearthstone player under Team Vitality. Before the game, Team Philippines decided to have Chalk play the Taunt Druid deck. On the otherhand, Windello played an Odd Rogue.

Game one was as aggressive as it can get with Windello aiming his minions directly towards the druid. Despite the numerous cards Chalk had to stall against him, Windello countered had an answer to each one. Chalk was put down after having unable to answer the swarm of minions on the board against him. According to CaraCute, the matchup was in their favor but the draws were just bad.

Holy Blast!

Game two’s representative for the Philippine was WanningMoon running a Mind Blast Priest. He went against Kalàxz, another member of Team Vitality. The french player for game two played Shudderwock Shaman deck, a disadvantage for WanningMoon.

The game started out pretty slow for both players as they had cards with a medium mana curve. Philippine’s drew first blood on the game by dealing one damage from a Northshire Cleric. As the turns passed, the shaman seemed to have more control of the game as he was able to drop the combo pieces needed for Shudderwock to go off as intended to. The minions on the side of the shaman was quickly dealt with by WanningMoon to ensure dominance over board. Shudderwock was dropped on turn 9, copying the battlecry minions played earlier. Although game two seemed to be lost for the Philippines, Shudderwock missed the crucial targets. The following turn, the opening was quickly taken by WanningMoon by dealing 24 damage the next turn. Along with the minions doing damage, he was able to do a double Mind Blast and Holy Fire to end the game.

Godly Hand?

With the score now tied at 1-1, it was TNC’s CaraCute to sit and have a go. For her opponent, she was faced with Swidz in a battle of the warlocks. She used a Zoo Lock deck and was going up against a control warlock.

The first two turns of the game went hugely in the favor of CaraCute. She had four minions capable of dealing 10 damage total per turn on her second turn. During the stream, commentators were at awe and members from team Philippines were seen laughing at how good the second turn play was. The said turn consisted of playing playing a Voodoo Shaman, healing her for two and was followed by two Happy Ghoul.

It was all smiles for Team Philippines until France dropped a board clear on their turn 4. Unknown to CaraCute and the rest of the team, Swidz had two Hellfire and a Defile at hand waiting to be unleashed just as she dropped her minions on board. With board wipe after board wipe, it became clear that the comeback for CaraCute was impossible. After the initial wipe, Swidz managed to gain control of the board and later on earning a point for their team.

Light against the light

It’s a do-or-die game for Team Philippines as Staz plays Odd Paladin against Odemian and his control priest. If Staz wins this, a game five will be forced upon the french players.

With the nature of Odd Paladin being aggressive, Staz was looking strong during the early turns of the game. He was able to pump his low health minions putting up a clock against his opponent. Although he was a few hits away from winning the game, the opponent managed to top deck a Wild Pyromancer. With Power Word: Shield too at his hand, Odemian blew up Staz’s part of the field. Just like game 3, it was impossible to have a comeback from what just happened.

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