With the Grand Finals of the TNC Cup 2018 underway last weekend, tensions were high, and all the fans, staff, and media alike eager to see the eight teams that qualified for the Grand Finals to battle it out, everyone in attendance wouldn’t settle for anything less but a good show.

My experience these past few days have been memorable indeed. Since this was also my first event coverage as part of the media team of a gaming event, I didn’t really know what to expect at first. What did catch my eyes however, was how well taken care of the staff were. We were all served with very delicious meals from the High Grounds Cafe, and I’m sure going hungry was the least bit of our concerns.

Workplace/cashier of High Grounds Cafe

The event itself was a huge success. Raffle giveaways from sponsors like Logitech kept everyone on their feet since they were handing out keyboards, and other various merchandise. TNC also gave away Warcraft figurines for the raffle which really put a huge smile on everyone’s faces.

Other sponsors had also set up their own booths so that everyone who attended could get the chance to sample their products. AORUS Gaming had set up their own Virtual Reality consoles to give the attendees the experience of one of the most exciting ways to play video games. View Paker and Logitech also set up their own booths for the consumers to try their PC products.

AORUS Gaming’s VR set up

Overall, everyone had a blast during the TNC Cup. The games were all very tense which kept the competitive vibe flowing through not just the players, but the audience as well.



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