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If for the past two years, you still haven’t tried out Blizzard’s own take to the shooter genre, then you’re in luck. For the whole next weekend, Blizzard will make Overwatch free to play. For the Philippines, the game will be available from 2am of July 27, until July 31, 2am.

Have the full Overwatch experience

Unlike most demos of games, Overwatch will not lock its main modes from those who want to try the game. Play modes include all except the ranked competitive mode. The whole Overwatch experience will be fully unlocked for the duration of the free to play weekend.

Training mode is available to help completely unaware players to get a grasp of Overwatch’s gameplay. Player vs. AI will be playable for those who want to test their skills first against bots. Once newbies are confident enough, they can try out Quick Play to battle against other players. If for the off-reason that the regular game modes become too stale, in spite of playing presumably for the first time during the promotion, the Arcade mode will also be available.

All characters will be available too, including the newest addition to the roster, Wrecking Ball. Wrecking Ball will see action for the first time on July 25, but will still be playable during the free to play weekend. The 28 available characters will also be playable in all 18 maps for the four main game modes of Overwatch.

Free to Play once again

This will not be the first time Overwatch will be made available for free. Before it launched, the game was made available for players to let them try it out before release. Last November, the game was also available for free play for one weekend. Blizzard is really generous in letting new players try out the game for free, despite its strong sales. As Overwatch continues its quest in dominating the esports market, capturing a larger audience seems to be Blizzard’s biggest priority right now.

Just like previous free to play weekends, any progress players make during the promotion will be saved. If they choose to purchase the game, either during the weekend or later on, everything in their account will be retained. Achievements, skins, and other unlockables will be enjoyable in the free weekend, and beyond.

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