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The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive squad of TNC Pro Team managed to secure 100 points towards the MSI MGA 2018 playoffs. They finish as champions on the first Open Qualifiers for the APAC region this weekend. Securing points is necessary to be able to play in the playoffs, wherein the top eight teams garnering points in three qualifiers will compete.

Rise to the top

Fifty-nine teams joined the first qualifier of the APAC region. Therefore, TNC Pro Team had to go through five rounds prior to the Finals. The matches in the open qualifiers save for the Grand Finals were Best-of-1. The map pool was as follows: Cache, Dust 2, Mirage, Inferno, Nuke, Train and Overpass. On the way to the top, TNC fought against two other Filipino teams, Audacity CSGO in the Round of 32, and against ArkAngel in the semi-finals.

Dominating start

TNC started out strong in the first game of the Grand Finals, not allowing their finals opponent nxl to bounce back at all. Their Indonesian opponents were able to secure only 5 rounds in total in Dust 2. TNC showed their mastery in the map as they secured round after round on both sides. They finished with 16 points against nxl’s dismal 5, with 11 points as CT and 5 as T.

Clutch finish

Unlike in the previous bout, nxl managed to secure an early lead on the next map. Despite a strong start by TNC again scoring the first four rounds of the match, nxl scored one bomb victory and completely turned the tables. They secured 9 rounds against TNC’s 6 on the T-side before the swap. However, nxl wasn’t able to completely secure their lead as CT. Their primary strategy of flushing out the defensive CT side earlier in the matchup worked well against TNC. The team nxl’s strategy enabled them to get TNC off their defensive positions and rush them for a head-on assault.

TNC and nxl traded rounds during the second half of the map, but TNC made more progress. Pressuring nxl directly on their offensive, TNC pushed on and secured their positions effectively. The game reached match point, but TNC handled the late-game pressure better to secure a clutch win in the last game of the series.

More battles ahead

TNC’s road doesn’t end with this victory, however. They will still compete in the second Open Qualifiers to secure more points in the league. If necessary, they would fight in the Last Chance Qualifiers to rack up whatever points they’d still need. However, scoring 100 points in this tournament for scoring first is a great start. They will have an easier time getting themselves into the playoffs.

The playoffs will feature the top eight teams of the Asia-Pacific region. Only one team will emerge victorious from the playoffs. The winner will receive an all-expenses paid trip to New York City on September 28-30, where the Grand Finals of the MSI MGA 2018 tournament will be held. They will go against the teams that come out on top of the European, CIS and North American regions.

The MSI Gaming Arena

The MSI Gaming Arena (MSA) will be taking place just right before the ESL One Grand Finals, which will also be held in New York City. A prize pool of $60,000 (~Php 3.24 million) will be fought over during the event, split among the four finalists.

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