Hearthstone Championship Tour Asia-Pacific Region Challenger Finals Season 2

Last week, the second batch of players from the Asia-Pacific region battled for their spots at the seasonal playoffs. In order to grab the invite to the seasonal playoffs, a player must place a ranking of 8th or better.

Although the tournament had six rounds, participants had to undergo 3 rounds of which they should win two or more to proceed to the following rounds. From there until the fifth, each round will be an elimination match. The final round will be the deciding round of who becomes part of the top 8 or not.

Pinoy Pride!

As expected, our very own TNC.CaraCute was one of the players who participated in this Challenger finals. She has been performing well for the past few events and her name has been receiving the spotlight it deserves. Alongside her Challenger Cup winning, her being part of Team Philippines for the Hearthstone Global Games has also boosted her popularity significantly.

Besides her, there were four other players from the Philippines in this season finals. Player names Leboo, Mondemon, Enrico and Zadkiel were able to participate under the Philippine flag.

Wiped, but not entirely

With five Filipino players, it would be without a doubt that having a top 8 from the Philippines would be easy. With a total of 45 participants, the HCT
Asia-Pacific Finals Season 2 started but didn’t go as expected for these players.

With high hopes of having a representative for the top 8, the first three rounds were cruel to our players. During the first round, nobody from the said above was able to win their match. After the second round, Mondemon was dropped for having two consecutive losses without a single win. When the first three rounds ended, it was only TNC.CaraCute from the mentioned players that was allowed to proceed.

It was almost in the bag

Round 4 was a fresh start for our lone survivor. Round four onwards were a best of three series and are non-elimination matches. Out of the three remaining rounds, she was able to win 2 of her series. She was able to play her warlock within all three series.

Sadly, TNC.CaraCute fell short on the tiebreaker points. She was ranked 13th place out of the remaining players. She said that she was disheartened by the results but nevertheless it is the nature of games.

For more info on the matches played, click the link below:
Asia-Pacific Finals Season 2

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