[click_to_tweet tweet=”Canada’s first ever esports stadium named ‘The Gaming Stadium’ will open in 2019.” quote=”Canada’s first ever esports stadium named ‘The Gaming Stadium’ will open in 2019.”] The Gaming Stadium shall be the country’s primary venue for esports events. These events include just about everything from major to small time gaming tournaments, esports conventions, and more.

Photo credits to: Richmon 

The Gaming Stadium will be enough to house 250 fans, and 40 gaming stations and broadcasters. In addition, all these will be bundled up alongside a casual gaming area for everyone to use. And of course, food and drinks will also be available for purchase when using the venue. 

While Vancouver is said to be a rather odd choice for the location of the venue due to Toronto or Montreal being more obvious selections, the reason for the city being chosen does hold promise. Vancouver’s bright gaming scene is apparently full of developers and streamers alike. And it follows California’s time-zone which is good for viewership.

Regarding when the construction of The Gaming Stadium will start, Spiro Khouri, a press contact for Richmond News, said that there is still a pending contract for the permit. Though, they are hoping for everything to start late fall and they are expecting an opening during the spring of 2019.


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