Another year for Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS)

With the songs of Jose Mari Chan just around the corner, ESGS has announced more details regarding this year’s event. The Super Early Bird Promo ended two weeks ago and was replaced with another one. The Early Bird Promo, which costs 180 per day, began August 1 and will last until the 30th of September.

There has been few updates since the initial announcement. However, partnerships are being slowly revealed by the official Facebook pages of ESGS. According to avid fans and attendees of ESGS from previous years, the announcement seems to be far too early. The attention ever since then is being slowly lost due to the lack of content.

The big names are coming

Despite the issues said above, the organizers seem to be making up for it by announcing big titles who are worth seeing this year. Names such as Capcom, Hideo Kojima and Predator are going to ESGS 2018 to share what they have. They also have mentioned few merchandise sellers like Ludus and multiple indie artists.

In addition to having loads of local people, there will be multiple exhibitors showcasing soon to be released video games. Also, games such as Tekken, League of Legends and NBA2K will most likely to be featured as well.

Stay tuned for the reveals

To be updated on the who’s and what’s, like the ESGS Page and hit that interested button to the event page.

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