[click_to_tweet tweet=”Sanduguan will be WomboxCombo and MineskiTV’s joint project that will bring the biggest esports event of the year to the Filipino people.” quote=”Sanduguan will be WomboxCombo and MineskiTV’s joint project that will bring the biggest esports event of the year to the Filipino people.”]

People who want to experience the hype and excitement of The International don’t have to go all the way to Canada just to experience it. Among the countless viewing parties is our very own. We will have two, in fact, running all throughout the main event of TI8. The High Grounds Cafe will be hosting a viewing party, just like it did last year. Meanwhile, the newly-opened Ground Zero will also have its first viewing party. Aside from the enjoyment you’ll get from watching with the most devoted fans, gifts and giveaways will also be waiting for you in both venues.

Those who won’t be able to go out of their houses, for any reason, could go watch Sanduguan.

Watch TI8 without leaving your house

Last week, WomboxCombo and MineskiTV, the two leading groups of talents in the local Dota2 scene, made a big announcement. Putting their rivalry aside, the two will be joining forces for the first time ever. For the sake of bringing Dota2 and the Filipino style of casting to a wider audience, they came up with Sanduguan. Sanduguan comes from the ancient Filipino ritual of bloodletting in forming alliances.

With Valve once again allowing our Filipino casters to officially broadcast The International games, WxC and MineskiTV collaborates in this venture to make sure that Filipino fans will only get the best quality streams possible. They work together with Gariath Concepts to make this happen, and collaborating as well with ESPN 5 to bring the event to the mainstream audience.

Multiple ways to tango

There are always multiple ways to catch TI8 live. You could go to Canada to watch it in person, watch it through the Dota2 client, or watch through live streaming platforms. Sanduguan brings two options: either through the live stream on their official Facebook and Youtube channels, or through the traditional television. Streaming through their social media accounts will occur as the action unfold in Rogers Arena. Meanwhile, the television run will delayed on Aksyon 5, from August 20-26.

There are many ways for fans of Dota 2 to enjoy The International. For me, the best way to experience the hype and action is with close friends who share the same passion as you do in Dota 2. In whatever way you choose to watch TI this year, be sure to bring your friends with you. Share your passion, and make memorable moments through The International that bonds us all together.



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