Boomsday Project release

With the recent release of the Boomsday Project expansion, dozens of new decks have appeared and has affected ranked play. Consequently, the meta has been bombarded with lots of new combos and unusual synergy among cards. Most of the hunter decks now heavily rely on “deathrattle,” combo priests got stronger and Mecha’Thun is present in almost every deck. Although druid seems to be still as consistent as it was, Blizzard finally made a way to diversify it. A Malygos centric arch-type for the class is currently one of the decks to beat as of the moment. The warrior and paladin class are used again due to the new mechanic, “magnetic.”

A lot of the decks were tweaked and improved since the last expansion. As of the moment, no class seems to be broken unlike the debut of Shudderwock Shaman in the first days of The Witchwood. The meta is speculated to stabilize in the next few weeks.

TNC.CaraCute and her tournament

Aside from the release of the Boomsday Project, the official facebook page of TNC.CaraCute has reached 1000 likes. Because of this, the TNC pro player has decided and announced that she is hosting her first ever LAN tournament. It will happen this coming Saturday at TNC JRU Mandaluyong and everyone’s invited to join. Each player joining will receive a TNC baller and has a shot to aim for the top prize. For this tournament, the champion will be awarded 15 Hearthstone packs and TNC merchandise.

As for the tournament itself, a double-elimination bracket is to be expected. Each match will be a best-of-three open deck list and will be of the conquest format. Only three decks are allowed and a deck ban are issued by each player before the start of their match.

More details:

Come join the fun as we explore which decks will make it to the top and who will triumph this Saturday! To find out more regarding the tournament, visit CaraCute’s tournament Facebook page. You can also learn more about her and her events on the CaraCute Facebook page.

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