The history

[click_to_tweet tweet=”For the past five years, the biggest yearly event for League of Legends in the Philippines was Rampage.” quote=”For the past five years, the biggest yearly event for League of Legends in the Philippines was Rampage.”] From its humble beginnings, Rampage slowly got bigger and bigger, and soon enough attracted international attention. Recently, it has hosted the SEA Qualifiers for the Worlds, the largest event for League of Legends in the planet.

Although branded already, Rampage fanatics have seen better days back in the early years. With each year, the number of people attending has been skyrocketing and with that, numerous problems have risen. One of the main problems that can be constantly seen are the lack of seats and merchandise. Most of the time, the event tends to run out of space for people and promised freebies to give to the attendees. These were only a few of the many issues that came up in the previous years.

Change is coming

With each year being more problematic as they pass by, Riot decided to have a major change. Instead of PLDT telecommunications as their main sponsor, Riot decided to partner up with Globe this year. Consequently, the biggest yearly League of Legends event was renamed to Conquerors Manila for the time being.

Conquerors Manila: first day recap

During the first day, fans from all over the country flooded the SM Mall of Asia Arena. People were coming in from all directions wearing League of Legends related shirts and accessories. Besides that, there were also numerous people who went to cosplay at the opening day showing support to their favorite champion. Multiple Ashe and Sonas were seen roaming the corridors of the arena as fans came up to them to take a picture. Food stalls were present at every floor and each floor had a different showcase booth. Lenovo, Bacchus and Honey Lemon had stalls that were overwhelmed by LoL fans as they had fantastic offers.

Surprisingly, the entrance to the arena was smoother than the previous years. The lines weren’t as long as before and there were dozens of guides ready to aid attendees around. In addition, there was a separate entrance for media and vip goers that was provided to avoid traffic with the general public. Although with the above said, staffs were strict to all but only due to security purposes and to maintain the professionalism.

The games and the best-of-fives

Teams who have proven themselves from all over the SEA region came to tackle on one final test. The prize at stake is the SEA region slot for Worlds and one-hundred thousand US Dollars. Eri Neeman and Eric “Eruption” Tai were the hosts and the way they opened the program was outstanding and remarkable. Before officially announcing the start of the games, the arena had never a dull moment with the roar of the crowd going on and on.

Although the the start of the first few matches were late, they finished faster than expected. The first to complete their run for the day and achieve semi-finalist status were the representative of SEA from last year’s Worlds, Ascension Gaming. The said team quickly finished all of their matches smoothly and were expected to play again the following day. They have been consistent with their gameplay and they were here to prove that they are once again worthy to represent the region.

The last series of the best-of-five for day one was Mega Esports against Resurgence. By this time around, most of the fans have already gone home since it was already late. However, the shout casters made it their best to hype the game despite with a few people around watching. In the end, it was Mega Esports who took the series and proceeded to the next round.

Charity and celebrity show match

Despite having a change of sponsors, this year’s event still managed to do its third consecutive celebrity show match. Unlike any other matches, this match will have teams consisting of celebrities and each hero, dragon and Baron kill has an equivalent amount to be donated to charity. This time, the selected beneficiary is the “Hineleban Foundation” who aims to promote a greener environment.

As usual, Team Sapphire and Team Ruby were the team names given to the respective teams. The match started with a rap battle from Sheyhee and Sinio, local rappers from the show Fliptop. After the the opening scene, players from Team Sapphire were introduced and continued down the main stage. Aside from last year’s Jack Reid and Sheyhee, Megan Young, Baste Duterte and Mikael Daez wore blue this year. As for the opposing team, famous streamer Cowsep, Empoy and Christian Bautista accompanied Ashley Gosingfiao and Sinio.

Conquerors Manila: day 2 recap

Day two started off well. The atmosphere was very lively with all the Summoners in attendance eagerly awaiting the program Garena and Globe had in store for the second day. Tensions running high too since the second day would also determine who’d be taking home the championship.

The organizers of Conquerors 2018 gave away little loot-bags to a select few as well. Since only the VIPs as well as lower box ticket holders could avail of the free merchandise, everyone who was able to get their LoL themed jackets and caps stormed through the venue in their new get-up feeling like a king or queen.

Opening Ceremonies 

To start things off on the right track, OPM powerhouse, the Itchyworms, made an appearance. The Summoners in attendance that day jammed to many of the bands’ hits such as “Beer”, “Di Na Muli”, and “Gusto ko Lamang sa Buhay” to name a few.


In addition to that, popular LoL streamer and Master Yi legend, Cowsep, also stopped by to greet his fans. He performed his popular satirical song “I Was in Alpha” which described what being a Master Yi player was all about.


What’s a LoL event without Cosplay? 

Of course, viewers were also able to get a taste of the event’s very own cosplay tournament. Around twenty participants of all ages and genders all dressed up in their most iconic costumes to portray LoL’s very own champions.

This wasn’t just for show, however. Whoever would be crowned as the Cosplay Clash’s champion would be taking home a cash prize worth ~Php 30,000. The Clash did a very good job of getting the crowd in the right amount of hype as the cosplayers didn’t just only walk down the ramp, but they did it with style. In an attempt to gain audience as well as judge rapport, they put on their very best reenactment of the hero they portrayed.

In the end, someone who went as Battlecast Kog’Maw took home the grand prize with his automated costume.

The Finals 

The finals game between Ascension Gaming and MEGA esports was sure to be a good one. Not only that, but an interesting one as well.

The two teams from Thailand who would meet in the finals did have some history with each other. In addition to having played games against each other before, Ascension’s mid-lane, G4, as well as their Jungler, Rockky, were formerly teammates with MEGA’s primary support, Warl0cK, during their tenure with the Bangkok Titans.

With MEGA entering the finals as the underdog between the two teams, predictions by analysts heavily favored Ascension. They were right as Ascension proved to be too much for Warl0cK and his team.

With G4 taking command and setting the tempo throughout every phase of the game with early ganks and well-timed split pushing, Ascension took the series 3 games versus MEGA’s 0.

They secured the ~$100,000 cash prize as well as being able to represent SEA during the LoL World Championship.

Awarding and culminating program

After Ascension was awarded, Regional Director of Riot Games, Chris Tran, gave his closing remarks. He thanked everyone in attendance for going as well as a message for the Filipino fans thanking them too for all the support they have given.

Since Conqueror’s started on a high note, it’s only right if they ended on one too. A surprise performance by Spongecola put everyone in the same state of excitement they had when the event began. And after their set was done, the crowd was literally left begging for an encore to which they happily obliged ending with their hit song “Makapiling Ka”.


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