TNC’s CS:GO Team added another international competition down the organization’s sleeve with their latest win. Winning in the Philippine Qualifiers of the eXTREMESLAND ZOWIE Asia 2018 gives them a ticket to the main event in Shanghai.

Dominant beginnings

Right off the bat, TNC Pro Team already showed strong performance. Placed in Group B out of six different groups, TNC finished with a 4-0-0 record. They finished first out of the five other teams in their group, allowing them to advance to the main playoffs of the qualifiers. Scoring 4-0-0 as well in their respective groups are ArkAngel and Fractals. Other teams who also topped their groups and advanced to the playoffs were Audacity, Cyberia Gaming Hub and Team Vapebar. The final four teams to compete in the tournament were TNC, ArkAngel, CGH and Fractals.

Sustained momentum

TNC’s strong start helped them to continue their dominance in the second half of the qualifiers. Their first opponents were CGH. Playing on Inferno, Train and Cache, TNC easily defeated CGH in the first two maps. The score wasn’t even close, with TNC scoring 16-2 on Inferno and 16-4 on Train.

Meanwhile, the matchup between Fractals and ArkAngel was tighter. Fractals took their first game against ArkAngel with a score of 16-14 on Mirage. However, ArkAngel would decimate Fractals on the second map, scoring 16-3 on Overpass. Fractals would not be easily deterred. They would take away the series from under ArkAngel’s feet by scoring 16-11 on Nuke. The competition was much tighter in this series, and both teams played really well.

With their opponents fatigued but determined, TNC prepared for their Grand Finals match. The three maps chosen for the Grand Finals were Inferno, Train and Cache. But then again, TNC would go ahead and dominate the competition. They would score 16-3 in Inferno and then 16-8 on Train, taking the series and the championship home.

TNC CS:GO team are the Philippine Qualifier Champions – photo by Play on WASD
Road to Shanghai

TNC CS:GO will be the representatives of the country for the eXTREMESLAND ZOWIE Asia CS:GO 2018. They will have a chance to take home the $40,000 first prize, from a total of $80,000 prize pool. Sixteen teams from all around of Asia will be competing over the gold and glory. A minimum of a thousand dollars will be taken home by all participating teams.

The eXTREMESLAND ZOWIE Asia CS:GO 2018 will be held from October 18 to October 21 in Shanghai, China.

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