WESG Women Qualifiers

Only four participants joined the Women Qualifiers for WESG and one of them is our own TNC.CaraCute. Despite only having four players, the format for the tournament was a double elimination series. Top two players will have a slot at the Women Finals at WESG. With the given format, it was a high-risk but high-reward tournament for TNC’s pro Hearthstone player.

Struck down

The first match was very unlucky for CaraCute. Although she was able to win her first two games, her last class was unsuccessful with finishing the job. Knowing that her opponent mostly used anti-aggro decks, her paladin during the third game was unsuccessful with finishing the job. From the third game onwards, it all went spiraling down as she experienced a reverse sweep. From here, she was sent to the lower-bracket to fight for her slot.

Alive and kicking

Down at the lower-bracket, CaraCute had a rough start. Again, her opponent ran anti-aggro decks that gave her a beating. After three games, the score was 2-1 in favor of her opponent. According to her, she was very lucky that the last deck for the opponent was of a warlock class. This put her fast-paced decks into a good advantage and were able to win two games straight, allowing her to proceed.

The opponent she faced for the last round of the tournament was the same one that she started with. Player psykuting was sent to the lower-bracket after the second round and will now face Cara for a slot at the WESG Women Finals.

Final Battle

Cara approached the series differently this time. She won both the first two games but using her paladin during the second. During our talk, she said that she did this so in order to lessen the chances of being swept again. Although she did lose the following game, she won in the proceeding won. With her winning the lower-bracket, she secured herself a slot at the WESG Women Finals.

Tournament information:

To know more about the games played during the tournament, you can click here.

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