The Filipino delegates going to Taiwan for the IeSF’s 10th Esports World Championships received the honors after they defeated all their competition in the recently concluded two-week National Qualifiers. A total of 188 participants played across the three titles, with only 11 players getting the distinction of playing for the country.

Kaohsiung shootout

The first qualifier to conclude was the CS:GO qualifiers, which was held in partnership with Havoc Gaming. The eight teams that joined the tournament were TNC Pro Team, ArkAngel, Metronoia, Audacity, G Vortex, Fractals, Broken Angels and Mama’s Boys. In the recently concluded eXTREMESLAND ZOWIE Asia CS:GO 2018, TNC, ArkAngel, Audacity and Fractals produced great results, and these four teams also emerged as the top teams in the Kaohsiung qualifiers.

The four above-mentioned teams rampaged through their opponents in the first round of the tournament – all four had different opponents for that round. In the second round, the matchups were TNC vs. Fractals and ArkAngel vs. Audacity. TNC and Fractals’ match was a rematch of their ZOWIE Grand Finals. TNC was able to replicate their success in the previous tournament, defeating Fractals with a 16:4 score. ArkAngel’s opponents Audacity gave them a tougher fight, finishing with a 19:16 score in favor of ArkAngel.

Audacity would then defeat Fractals in the lower bracket semifinals to get another shot at the championship. TNC sweeps ArkAngel in the upper bracket finals in two out of three maps to secure the Grand Finals once again. ArkAngel would bounce back by defeating Audacity in the lower bracket finals, but TNC would just defeat them again in the Grand Finals with a 3-1 record. And thus, TNC Pro Team again earns a spot in an international event, this time in Kaohsiung.

League of champions

A total of 24 teams clashed across three different qualifiers in different TNC branches. The four teams that survived the interbranch qualifiers to take part in the final playoffs series were TNC Pro Team, Acion Arena, ArkAngel and XSW. XSW and Acion Arena were the first to fall, pitting TNC and ArkAngel against each other in the Grand Finals once again. TNC would take the games away from ArkAngel, sweeping them clean in the three-game series.

The Young Master of the Iron Fist Tournament

Finally, the Tekken 7 qualifiers were held in one night at the Ground Zero Cafe in Antipolo City. Eight high-profile participants joined the tournament, all battling it out for a show of dominance in the fighting game they all love. Playbook Esport’s two star players, AK and Doujin were both favorites in the tournament. The two of them dominated their opponents and met at the upper bracket finals, where Doujin would beat his teammate 3-1. AK would narrowly survive his opponent at the lower bracket finals and score a 3-2 victory over Legion’s Mawts. AK would take away the trophy in the end as he exact revenge against Doujin. Their bout was a rematch of their PPGL 2018 match last March, where AK also won against his teammate rival.

Eleven to Taiwan

The eleven representatives for the Philippines have two more months to prepare for their trip to Taiwan. The best amateur players of CS:GO, LoL and Tekken will be in attendance during the 10th World Championships in Kaohsiung. The country’s support for our own players would help in giving them the energy necessary to play for the country. Two months is still long ways off, but the tournament can’t come any sooner for these players. As such, we’re all waiting anxiously for the start of the IeSF tournament. For now, it’s time to start training. Watch them in action on November 9 to 11, 2018.

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