The end of The International season is dreaded by many fans for it is directly succeeded by the expiration of the Battle Pass. With the battle pass expiring, boons to Dota 2 play will be removed, such as ranked roles matchmaking and the ever-hilarious chat wheel. But with the turn of the season, Valve has found another way to allow us to give them our money for the content we’ve always wanted out of Dota 2. In its latest update, the Dota Plus will be adopting the Battle Pass’s best features so that everyone could enjoy them during the off-season.

Ranked roles matchmaking

The most important among these features is the ranked role matchmaking. Many players who enjoyed this feature with the Battle Pass must have had a hard time reintegrating to the normal ranked matchmaking after the Battle pass expired. After all, Dota 2’s ranked matchmaking has been a godsend: gone were the days where you’re forced to play with a team chock-full of carries. The feature effectively eliminates griefers who care not about anything but themselves.

The ranked roles matchmaking in Dota Plus works the same as it used to with the Battle Pass. Before queuing, you choose the role you would want to play in for that match. You get matched with other players whose roles fit in with the one you selected.

Exclusive soundbytes

The chat wheel has been a beloved component of the International for the past two years, and it’s such a shame that it used to not be usable outside of TI season. That changes now, as some of the iconic sound effects are now available to purchase with shards for Dota Plus owners. It’s fun to play sound effects every now and then, but it’s a shame that the memorable and lovable casting lines won’t be part of this adoption.

I tip my hat to you

Finally, tipping will make a return via Dota Plus. Tipping has been used up to this point to either encourage good plays or to tilt your opponent, and thanks to Dota Plus, you can continue doing so in the new season. In lieu of the Battle Pass points, all tips will now award free shards to the recipient. Happy tipping!

Dota Plus is available for a monthly fee of ₱210. Promo packages can be availed for ₱1,190 for six months and 2,190 for a whole year.

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