The comeback of MMOs

To the public, it was highly likely that one learned to play video games because of massive-multiplayer online games. Back before Dota and LoL, computer shops were filled with people doing daily quests for different MMOs. This scenery however slowly faded as newer games came up. The communities of games like Rose Online, Ran and more dwindled down. This eventually caused some of the popular games back then to close down.

The first of many

Just a few years back, the news of Ragnarok PH’s return blew up the MMO scene on a national level. Players, old and new, were excited to hear that the game would once more be supported by the local gaming community. On its open beta debut, fans were never happier than to relieve the experience and memories of playing old school Ragnarok. To date, A lot has happened since its release but the community is still at large.

And another one

Going back a few months, another MMO from the past decided to make its return. MU, a game of swords, magic and grinding came back with its much awaited version two. In this game, anything that involves account or item buying, selling and trading for real life money can result to permanent bans. With that said, it was one of the games wherein people made real life transactions just so they can get the items they needed. It was a really popular game and people were all over for it.

Although it was a standalone game back then, it is now under Steam. MU 2 definitely has better graphics compared to its predecessor but the gameplay remains the same. There was nothing really new to the game and it cost them reviews because of so. Ultimately, the essence of what MU was is still there, but more often than not players will get tired from the same content as the first.

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