The typical impression of a non-gamer of an internet shop in the Philippines is that of noise, rowdiness and chaos. Ground Zero aims to break this stigma by going beyond what regular internet cafés has to offer.

Grand Opening

Ground Zero ended the month of September with a grand celebration of its opening. The event introduced guests to Ground Zero’s amenities, with performance numbers of song and dance to entertain them. Guests were also able to test the computers in Ground Zero, giving them a peek at the capabilities of its units. The open banquet also filled the bellies of the guests, allowing them to taste a part of Ground Zero’s amazing culinary work.

World-class gaming experience

For starters, Ground Zero’s gaming capabilities is miles ahead the competition. Armed with powerful computers, their arsenal boast strong performance that will augment your gaming experience. Each unit is equipped with a Z730 Gigabyte motherboard, 8th generation Intel i5 processor, 16GB of RAM and an NVIDIA GTX 1060 GPU to bring to you beastly graphics. An exclusive space for VIP use is also available for those who want to experience the tournament feel of gaming. Inside the soundproofed tournament boxes are Acer Predator G1s with NVIDIA GTX 1080 GPUs. With 87 regular PCs and 10 VIP computers, there’s enough room for everyone in Ground Zero, making it an ideal venue for esports events or large-scale gaming get-togethers.

Gateway to gaming

Friends and family of gamers sometimes see them as loners who can’t be taken away from their screens. It might be hard for gamers to explain what gaming is to them. For the uninitiated, keeping to yourself while gaming for long hours might be hard to understand. Ground Zero is the best place to introduce gaming to your friends and family. Bringing them to a posh environment for gaming could change their mind entirely. Comfort is key, so Ground Zero’s furnished with high quality seats for lounging. Introducing them to esports is also easier with Ground Zero’s 15 units of 55″ TVs. Streams play round the clock, presenting gamers a great opportunity to introduce esports to their family and friends over a delicious meal.

A bridge between worlds

Ground Zero is not only for keeping gamers occupied. It caters to gamers and their hobbies, that’s a given. But Ground Zero’s major objective is to connect the gamer world to non-gamers. Keeping gamers connected with their family and friends in a cohesive environment is what Ground Zero is all about.


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