Recap: Ateneo and Adamson School Qualifiers

Impetus is already on it’s third week and the most awaited weekend for fans has come. Last week, Ateneo only had two teams who registered and played, Ludasilog and One Big ooF.

The Ateneo series was a best-of-three match but managed to reach a deciding game three. For starters, the first game was grabbed by Ludasilog with their cores absolutely destroying the other team. The clashes were perfectly set due to offlane player “fp” on his Ax. In response, mid player “Rose-Colored Boy” lead the comeback for One Big ooF in game two forcing a deciding game three for both teams.

Moving forward, game three was rather one-sided in favor of Ludasilog. Position one player “Halloween” played out of his mind using Clinkz. There were multiple times wherein Halloween was able to get multiple kills alone. The player even managed to do a one-against-five play.

The Third Week: FEU and DLSU.

According to UP Gaming Guild, FEU slots were immediately filled. Rumor from other FEU players said that These Days are again going to play at the School Qualifiers. They participated during Duel: Road to Impetus, but failed to claim any of the spots. With eight teams from FEU and teams from DLSU participating this weekend, it is sure to be a wild ride.

News and Updates:

The brackets will be announced at the Impetus Facebook page. Post match results will be also screened there and the games are to streamed from there.

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