It has been three months since the release of FastStart, Microsoft’s new AI-powered feature to the OS. This new technology gave the owners of the Xbox One the ability to play a game before it even finished downloading. With the use of machine-learning, FastStart identified which game files needed to be downloaded first, allowing gamers to launch their games 50% faster.

As of now FastStart allows a very small pool of games,coming from both the Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Titles such as The Flame in Blood, ScreamRide, Borderlands 2, and Left 4 Dead are currently compatible with the special feature. However, Xbox Insiders can start testing 10 new FastStart enabled games in the Xbox Pass Catalog. All-time favorites such as Fallout 3, The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, and Star Wars: Force Unleashed 1 and 2 are now ready. All these are accompanied by Xbox One games like State of Decay, and Costume Quest 2.

All of the games included in the current expansion are part of Xbox Game Pass, so those who are subscribed to the service should give it a try. As of today, FastStart is only available in the English language versions of the titles running in English. Microsoft is however planning to support more languages in the future. Always note that you will need at least 20mbps download speed to take advantage of FastStart on your console.


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