TNC Predator is back to the World Stage as they vie for a spot in the World Electronic Sports Games 2018. They swept through the online qualifiers to earn a spot in the Philippine Finals. Along the way, TNC defeated the likes of Happy Feet and Miraculum Gaming.

Neon Esports joins them as the second finalist for the Philippines. On their side of the fence, they defeated TNC Amazons, Execration and Sterling Global Dragons.

For Gold and Glory

TNC and Neon will still fight for the opportunity to represent the country in the SEA qualifiers, but both teams are already guaranteed to earn their keep. WESG divided the $1,500 prize pool into $750 first prize and $450 second prize. The top dog in the Bo3 series will proceed to the SEA Qualifiers for a chance to compete in the Main Stage. The two teams will fight in the Philippine Qualifier Finals sometime between October 26-28.

Beyond the SEA

Either TNC or Neon will join other SEA teams in the regional qualifiers, where a total of ten teams will participate. The SEA Qualifiers will have a $15,000 prize pool, with a $7,500 first prize. The top four teams will then qualify for the Main Stage.

Versus the World

36 teams will be competing in the Finals, coming from the qualifiers that involved more than a hundred countries. The Main Stage is slated to happen on March 1, 2019.

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