All of TNC’s professional teams qualified in various international LAN tournaments, showing global competitiveness of TNC Pro Teams. We look at the teams’ world adventures in this article, where we feature their competitive aspirations in the past months.

TNC Predator

We kick off with the flag-bearers of TNC, who are competing in the World Electronic Sports Games 2018 tournament. WESG 2018 is the world’s version of the Olympics for esports. As such, TNC Predator chose to prioritize WESG over the ESL One Genting qualifiers. Therefore, TNC will not be competing in the qualifiers of ESL One Genting. For the WESG Philippine Finals, TNC Predator will be facing Neon Esports during the ESGS on October 26-28. The winner will represent the country in WESG’s Southeast Asia Qualifiers in December.

Following their WESG matchup, TNC Predator will again engage in the Dota Pro Circuit, with the first Major of the season. The Kuala Lumpur Major sets the stage for this DPC season, and TNC is looking to make a strong first impression. They are joined by teams like Fnatic and Team Secret, among others. TNC will fly off to Malaysia to compete in the tournament’s group stage on November 9 and 10, and will be duking out their skills on the playoffs from November 11 to 18.

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TNC Pro Team – CrossFire

TNC Pro Team’s CrossFire squad has also been on fire recently. Their long and arduous journey during this season’s national tournaments will come into fruition, with the reward being their chance to snag the prize in the CrossFire Stars Grand Finals. The CrossFire National Finals concluded this past weekend. The best of the country in the world of CrossFire fought head to head in a seventeen-team tournament. Teams such as former champions Pacific MactaSteelwolves Hellion and Amor Loko were defeated by TNC, allowing them to bounce back from the lower bracket finals. In the Grand Finals, Execration GT served TNC with a clean sweep to claim the first prize. TNC qualifies for the CrossFire Stars Grand Finals in China thanks to their second place finish in the National Finals.

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TNC Hearthstone’s CaraCute

TNC’s resident cards expert has been busy in the past few months organizing her own Hearthstone tournaments in TNC JRU Mandaluyong. But being her own events organizer hasn’t dampened the gaming flames in her. Instead, CaraCute continued her rise in the ranks of Hearthstone competition early this month in the Hearthstone Championship Tour in Singapore. She finished with a 2-3 record during the Swiss Group Stages.

She will also be appearing in the ESGS to compete in the WESG Philippine Finals for Women’s Hearthstone. She is merely one more win away from qualifying for the SEA Qualifiers.

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TNC Amazons  – Dota 2

Esports opportunities for female gamers are just few and far between. TNC Amazons make sure to seize as much as they could. However, the team wasn’t able to get past the national qualifiers for the World Electronic Sports Games 2018, so the first all-female lineup for a national team will still have to wait.

They continue to pursue their esports dreams, this time through the Female Esports All Roundup by Ansara Gaming. They qualified in the female-only event by winning in the online SEA Grand Finals of the tournament.

The team will continue their journey on November, attending their first LAN event outside of the country. Five other teams will be joining them in Malaysia, but TNC Amazons will be ready for the challenge.

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TNC Pro Team – LoL

TNC Pro Team  LoL may be the most lowkey competitors of the group, but they’re starting to pick up some steam this season. With the national qualifiers done and over with, the League of Legends team now sets their eyes on the IeSF Finals. They’ll be flying to compete on the ground this November 9-11 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. This will be League team’s first foray into international esports competition, and it will be a true test of mettle for them.

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TNC Pro Team – PUBG

PUBG continues to live on in esports. With their PUBG Global Invitational tournament, they are telling the world that PUBG esports is still a thing. TNC Pro Team was a competitor in their premiere tournament, placing 7th in the Southeast Asia Championships last June.

They won’t be taking their loss sitting down, though. TNC’s PUBG team does not fear global competition, and will be going at it again soon. They will be joining the JIB PUBG Southeast Asia Championships, where they will be looking for their first major victory yet. The JIB PUBG SEA Championships will be held on Oct 27-28 in Bangkok, Thailand.

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TNC Pro Team – CSGO

TNC’s CSGO team has had a meteoric rise this year. Coming from obscurity, their performance in past events gave them the spotlight, even rising in power rankings all over the world. Appearing seemingly out of nowhere, CSGO team is finally ready to compete outside the country. They qualified for the eXTREMESLAND ZOWIE Asia 2018, wherein they will be playing over this weekend in Shanghai, China.

Although they failed to qualify for the ESL One Pro League, CSGO’s global aspirations continue to flare on. The World Electronic Sports Games 2018 Philippine Finals will also be fought over during ESGS this year, where four teams, including TNC, will be fighting over. Thanks to their performance in the Philippine Qualifiers, TNC earned a big lead over the other teams by going straight to the finals.

They also qualified to the Kaohsiung World Championships by the IeSF. They’ll be flying into Taiwan this coming November to test their skills against the best teams around the world. Competition will be tight, as they will have to go on top of 23 other teams in the upcoming tournament.

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