Of all the champions of the League’s Summer Split, only Fnatic remain on the run for the Worlds championship.

The Fall of the Korean Dynasties

We’re in the final four of the Worlds 2018 championships, and to call the results so far to be unexpected would be an understatement. Although Korea’s hold on the League trophy has been seeing cracks recently, most people would still have bet on Korea reaching at least the semifinals. However, the remaining two teams of the Korean region, KT Holster and Afreeca Freecs were eliminated in the quarterfinals, something that the Worlds hasn’t seen ever before.

What was more surprising was how early the defending champions Gen.G exited the tournament. The transition of the championship from the legendary SK Telecom to Gen.G’s hands became an opportunity for the rest of the world to jump in for the kill. Gen.G’s performance in the current season hasn’t been particularly stellar, but their performance in the Worlds group stages was nothing short of a disappointment. A 1-5 score in the main stage is not what you would expect from the defending champions.

Underdogs chase for the world cup

Play-Ins are usually meant to give more teams a chance to compete in the League’s grandest stage, but it’s not usually seen as the direct route to the championship. But Cloud 9 and G2 Esports are looking to shake things up. They surprised everyone by overcoming the odds and reaching this far in the tournament. In fact, this is the farthest C9 has ever reached in their Worlds Championships history.

7 years in the making

Of the top 4, the team that has the highest chances of winning is Fnatic. They are the only first Worlds champion and the only champion from Europe. Granted, the team playing under the Fnatic banner during the Worlds’ first season is a completely different team from the one we have today. But here is Fnatic once again standing up to the challenge in their bid to reclaim former glory. 7 years after their first championship, would the World Cup return to the halls of Fnatic’s organization?

Invictus Gaming: China’s Last Hope

China has headlined the Worlds Grand Finals twice before, but it has never been Invictus Gaming, and the World Cup was never taken back home to China. China’s last hope for this year’s tournament lies squarely on the shoulders of iG. They eliminated Korea’s finest in KT Holster, and are set to go head to head against G2 Esports next. The Germans, on the other hand, reached the semifinals by eliminating iG’s brethren, Royal Never Give Up. Will iG be able to keep the Chinese dream going, or will G2 become a Chinese Destroyer of Dreams?

Nailbiting conclusion

Whatever the results of the semifinals would be, the Worlds 2018 championship will surely be a nailbiter. All possible matchups for the Grand Finals would be interesting to see, and might become the most contested Grand Finals ever. The uncertainty of the situation will keep everyone on the edge of their seats as they watch the finals. Korea has finally fallen off the Worlds’ grandest stage. Who will take the crown next?

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