It takes just one blow for some organizations to fall under. That’s exactly what happened with OpTic India’s CS:GO team after one of their players, Nikhil “forsaken” Kumawat received a five-year CS:GO ban for cheating.

Cheaters never win

OpTic’s forsaken was caught cheating during the main stage of the eXTREMESLAND ZOWIE 2018 in Shanghai, China, resulting to the team’s disqualification from the event. In consequence for his actions, OpTic immediately kicked forsaken from the team. However, it would later be found out that forsaken has also used cheats during the ESL India Premership 2018 Fall tournament, in which the team won decisively. In response to this, ESL revoked OpTic’s win, becoming the final straw for OpTic’s management. Even though forsaken’s teammates have been exonerated from his actions, OpTic still decided to drop their whole roster.

Forsaken’s actions earned him a 5-year ban from competitive play, applied to him by the Esports Integrity Coalition. He came close to getting a lifetime ban, as he has previously been linked to a VAC-banned account last year. Instead, EIC gave him some leniency by giving him only a 5-year ban, stating that his first offense is of a different nature than this later one.

Events Mismanagement

A further inquiry into the events leading up to the eXTREMESLAND ZOWIE revealed that forsaken has been cheating in earlier events, whilst events organizers have not been able to catch this on. Apparently, forsaken has been tagged by the community as a cheater in previous instances, but such accusations have never been substantiated and therefore ignored by event organizers. Now that his actions have been made public in Shanghai, further study of his playstyle in previous games have revealed that he may have been cheating as early as the qualifiers, which were organized by Playtonia.

Forsaken’s actions led him to be banned by Playtonia forever, which means that any other event overseen by the events organizers can never be joined by Forsaken or his future teams anymore. Good luck with finding a new team because of that, Forsaken.

A huge blow to esports in India

The actions of one may have not only affected his whole team, but the integrity of the esports scene of the whole of India as well.

Evidence came to light that a lot of other teams have passed up on signing forsaken due to his reputation as a cheater, but OpTic India wen through with his signing. It has been alleged that there lacked oversight in making sure that the organization was signing trustworthy and talented players.

The fact that forsaken’s cheating remained uncaught up to that point in Shanghai also questions the credibility of large esports organizations. Their ability to prevent cheating in their events is put into question due to this event.

It’s really just the best for all of us if we just play fairly and in a sportsmanlike manner to avoid these kinds of situations. We must always remember that our actions affect not only us, but by everyone we represent, whether we like it or not.

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