Three PH Qualifiers concluded during the Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS) this weekend, which saw two teams and one player from TNC emerge victorious.

TNC Predator finds a prey

The Rising Phoenix has fought its way through the online qualifiers of the WESG Philippine Qualifiers, reaching the grand finals of the national qualifiers. Neon Esports came out of the qualifiers as TNC’s adversaries, but TNC Predator was clearly the better team this time around, scoring a 2-0 win over Neon.

TNC’s victory earned them $750 from the event and also a slot in the Southeast Asian regional qualifiers. They will be facing nine other teams from all over SEA. The regional qualifiers will be held in a LAN event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, sometime this December. A $15,000 prize pool is at stake in the tournament. The top four teams of this qualifier will move on to the WESG 2018 Finals in March 2019.

CaraCute with a clean sweep

CaraCute’s international pursuits continue as she scores a clean sweeping victory against Vixen in the PH Grand Finals. There wasn’t much resistance, with Cara’s third win over Vixen came with a very large margin. Cara’s 3-0 win over Vixen qualifies her for the SEA Qualifiers of the Women’s Hearthstone competition, which only brings her closer to her dreams.

Cara finished second last year, but has finally reached the top this year. Bren Esports’ Staz, the 2016 World Champion, will be joining her in the regional qualifiers, competing in the Men’s Division. Their wins brought them $375 each, and the chance to compete in the Grand Finals this coming March.

Triple domination with CSGO’s blowout

TNC Pro Team’s CS:GO squad completes the trifecta by also winning their own Finals in the ESGS. The team decisively won against their opponents, Fractals, with 2 maps under their names in the Bo3 series. TNC’s complete dominance was apparent, scoring 16-7 in Nuke and then closing out with a 16-6 in Mirage.

TNC Pro Team takes home $750 for their win and will move on to the single-elimination bracket SEA Qualifiers. The top three teams of that qualifiers will qualify to the World Finals in March. With 9 other teams in their qualifier brackets, TNC is looking to take home that gold, and a lion’s share of the $15,000 prize pool.

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