After many years of organizing tournaments, StarLadder finally gets to host one of the DPC’s Majors. In partnership with China’s leading streaming service, Imba TV, StarLadder brings the DPC to Chongqing, China.

Heavy January

As for all the Majors in the 2018-2019 season, the Chongqing Major will feature sixteen teams from all over the world competing for Qualifying Points. One of those sixteen teams will be coming from the Bucharest Minor, which will happen just weeks before this major. Both events will occur in January. The Bucharest Minor will be held from January 9-13, organized by PGL, while the Chongqing Major will be held from January 19-27.

Two out of Five

With the Kuala Lumpur Major just around the corner, three of out the five total majors this season have already been revealed. Following StarLadder’s Chongqing Major will be the Stockholm Major in March. The Stockholm Major will be organized by DreamHack, from March 14-24. That Major will also be preceded by a currently unannounced Minor, to be held March as well. The last two Majors will be held on May and July.

High Stakes

A total of $1,000,000 will be at stake in the Chongqing Major, on top of the 15,000 qualifying points in contention. As the second Major in the circuit, the Chongqing Major holds a precarious position for many teams. With this circuit’s more condensed format, every Major holds a very large portion of the total qualifying points. Expect to see heavy competition in this event.

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