Tigers become the Dota Pro Circuit’s top cats at the onset of the season with their win at the DreamLeague Minor. With 120 points in the bag, Tigers now reign as the top team in the rankings, followed by second placers Natus Vincere with 100 points. This came from a well-contested five-game series between the two teams, wherein Tigers prevailed overall with their grit and tenacity.

Hear Me Roar

Tigers came into the new season with under a new brand and sponsor, thanks to Valve’s new rule regarding esports companies housing sister teams. Thus, Tigers were forced to drop the TNC handle. They were picked up by Static Dream, and has since retained their roster from inception. Tigers’ captain is the support leader 1437, assisted by Xepher. The team also boasts talents that are by no means new to the esport: Ahjit as the carry, Moonmeander in the offlane and inYourDream in the middle lane. This team may have been slept upon by many critics and fans as a serious contender, but now the world is hearing them roar.

Tigers Roster:
Lai “Ahjit” Jay Son
2. Muhammad “InYourDream” Rizky
3. David “Moonmeander” Tan
4. Kenny “Xepher” Deo
5. Sivatheeban “1437” Sivanathappilai

The DreamLeague Season 10

The Tigers showed a strong front in the Minor, probably owing to the team’s relative stability compared to the others. The team has been intact since as early as May, which means that the they are more or less settled in already with their team.

In the group stages, Tigers scored a 2-0 standing, dropping only a single game in their series against Royal Never Give Up. Meanwhile, CompLexity Gaming was undefeated in their own group. This set up Tigers and Na `Vi as the opposing teams in the upper bracket for the playoffs, with coL facing RNG. Tigers and RNG would score a 2-1 series against their opponents, and would meet in the upper bracket finals for a rematch of their group stage series. Tigers closed out the series again with a 2-1 record to send RNG to the lower bracket.

Na `Vi re-emerged into the title picture as they defeated Vega Squadron 2-0 on their first match in the lower bracket. Na `Vi would continue sweeping teams left and right, eventually eliminating RNG in the lower bracket finals to earn their spot in the finals.

A well-contested finals

Tigers and Na `Vi then gained an opportunity to settle who is the better team, at least for the tournament. Tigers opened up with a Meepo game that easily crushed Na `Vi’s Drow strategy. However, Na `Vi pushed back by taking the next two games from the Tigers. Pushed to a corner, the Tigers were able to reclaim their position by defeating Natus Vincere in game 4. They would then close out the tournament with an impressive win against Na `Vi in a blowout game.

Tigers took home $125,000 and 150 DPC for their first place finish, while Natus Vincere settled with $70,000 and 100 DPC. For their win in the tournament, as per the new DPC’s rules, Tigers earned a spot in the first Major of the season: the Kuala Lumpur Major.

The Malaysian Major

Kuala Lumpur is the next stop of the Dota Pro Circuit. It will be held from November 9 to 18, with the Lupon serving as an official Filipino broadcasting channel. TNC Predator and Fnatic will be joining Tigers in representing SEA in the tournament. As per all the majors in this season, the Kuala Lumpur Major will have a prize pool of  $1 million and will be awarding a total of 15,000 DPC. Tigers are in a precarious position now. How long will they be able to hold out their lead?

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