TNC Pro Team finally hits championship gold on their third try this year competing in the PPGL 2018.

Weekend Warriors

The Globe Philippine Pro Gaming League 2018 Season 3 Finals was held over the last weekend. Four teams amongst the best in the country competed in League of Legends. Along with TNC, last year’s champions Mineski Pro Team were also competing. Imperium Pro Team and ISC Events Pro Team were the two teams that completed the set.

Imperium Pro Team challenged TNC first in the semifinals of the tournament. Imperium was coming from a victory over ISC, prior to this series. TNC was able to put a stop to Imperium, giving TNC the rematch they’ve been looking for.

It was Mineski who defeated TNC in Season 2’s Grand Finals, after all. Therefore, TNC going against Mineski gave them an opportunity to avenge themselves and prove that they are the better team now. The series took 5 games, trading wins between the two teams. As the last game went down to its conclusion, the exhausted players went on to a final push, allowing TNC to finally beat Mineski in the PPGL.

TNC won first place and took home ₱100,000 cash prize for their first ever PPGL championship.

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