Days before the Chongqing Major European Qualifiers, TI8 champion Anathan “ana” Pham announced through OG‘s Facebook Page that he will be taking a short break from competitive gaming for the time being.

This isn’t the first time ana would be taking such a break. Similarly, after TI7, he also announced his departure from OG to focus on other things. He would then return to competitive play later in the season with Echo International. That stint wouldn’t last long. When OG unexpectedly lost Fly and s4 months before TI8, ana answered the call home, returning to OG once again.

The rest is history.

And now, we might actually see history repeating itself. OG took an extended leave from the Dota Pro Circuit right after TI8, citing that their team wanted to spend more time with family and doing other things on the side. It would seem three months is not enough for the young champion from Australia, as he choose to take another sabbatical. This leaves OG without another core, days before the Chongqing qualifiers. As of now, there’s still no news on who will be replacing ana.

If ana were to return again months before TI9, it would be interesting to see if he could work his quick-fix magic again with OG and win the Aegis another time.

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