When news broke out that ana would take a break again for this season, fans wondered who could be taking his place in OG. It took a little over a week before a replacement was found. Per Anders “Pajkatt” Olsson has been chosen to fill in the shoes of the outgoing ana.


The Swede is a veteran in Dota, playing with the OK.Nirvana roster in the very first International, where they finished 7th-8th. He holds the distinction of recording the first ever Rampage in professional Dota, which he while playing as Sniper in TI1.

Pajkatt most recently played with ppd at OpTic Gaming, until it disbanded last September. He also used to coach Digital Chaos before returning to play with Natus Vincere for a short period.

Rough Start

Despite the strong acquisition, OG sure is having a rough start in this season. Chongqing Major would be the team’s first event this season. The TI champions notably took a break while Kuala Lumpur Major was ongoing. The team surely didn’t have much time to prepare together, as Pajkatt joined OG just a few days before the start of the Chongqing Qualifiers. In the qualifiers, OG was eliminated early on during the qualifiers.

Ana’s role in OG cannot be downplayed. The Australian was essential in OG’s win in TI8. It won’t be easy to replace him. OG needs to find a new tempo playing around their new carry. It’s still just their first try, though, and there’s always still the Minors for another chance at qualifying.

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