Just as the year changes, OG announced their change in lineup. This was just after the team announced the released Per Anders Olsson “Pajkatt” Lille from their roster. For the meantime, Igor “iLTW” Filatov will stand in for the carry position.

Pajkatt’s departure

Pajkatt’s stay in OG was short lived and rather mediocre as the team exited early in Chongqing Major qualifiers and Pajkatt getting benched when he got sick during the Bucharest minor qualifier. As such, Pajkatt’s release from OG was not too much of a surprise for the fans. OG stated on Facebook that the reason was solely due to chemistry issues and that there is no bad blood between the Pajkatt and the team.  As a team that relies on team chemistry, Pajkatt just did not fill the void that ana left. Pajkatt will still share a pie’s cut out of the earnings from the Bucharest minor to recognize his effort in qualifying for the event. OG wishes that Pajkatt’s short stay was mutually beneficial.

OG’s roster changes

iLTW was OG’s standin in the Bucharest Minor qualifiers and he will continue being one while OG hold try-outs for their new carry. We might see OG keep iLTW or bring in another veteran or discover a new pubstar, the possibilities are endless for a team like OG. OG never shied away from this kind of roster experimentation and even shine on the adversity. Besides, N0tail’s eye for discovering potential talent and nurturing that talent has already brought three TI winners in Miracle-, ana, and Topson.

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