The year started with a bang, thanks to the AGON Dota 2 Invitationals Online Tournament. Starting the year hot, AGON broke the 2019 ice with a tournament of their own. At its conclusion yesterday, it was Execration that started off their year with a strong championship win. The seven other teams competed intensely, showing their determination to come on top of what has been this month’s “Contest of Champions”.

Strong Competition

Execration did came out with a win, but the other seven teams put out a strong fight nonetheless. They almost lost their upper bracket advantage when Neon Esports forced their Grand Finals series to a Game 3. Neon themselves didn’t get to the Finals so easily, having to fight through the lower bracket themselves. They eliminated in the lower bracket finals the team IAP, who were themselves cast down to the lower bracket by Execration.

IAP wasn’t able to avenge themselves against Execration, as they got eliminated by Neon before they got themselves a rematch. However, it was Execration who came out the strongest in the end. For the whole duration of the tournament, they played a total of 7 games, dropping only one game against Neon.

New Year’s Payday

The tournament came with a 70,000 prize pool. Execration took home the lion’s share, amounting to 40,000. Neon and IAP took home 20,000 and 10,000 as consolation, respectively. Although the rest of the teams didn’t get part of the earnings, their presence in the AGON Dota 2 Invitationals still helped them hone their skills. The opportunity to go against some of the country’s best teams already pays for itself.


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